Monday, October 22, 2007

Trash The Dress

Free Trash The Dress Sessions

"Offering 3 free 'Trash The Dress' sessions!"

Just about everyone is talking about the new buzz word, “Trash the dress” or “TTD.” It is a rather new concept whereas the bride seeks liberation from trashing her wedding dress. Thus far there have been a few reasons floating around why one would trash her wedding dress:
  1. To show her husband how committed she is because she will never need it again
  2. To trash the reminder of what was considered a stressful day
  3. Never need it again – food for moths

free trash the dress
Photo by John Cooper

Whatever the justification may be, I am sure brides think it through thoroughly. Although I fancy the idea of taking creative photographs of beautiful brides in their wedding dresses, I still prefer the tradition of donating / re-wearing / re-crafting of wedding dresses. On the contrary, I think it will be rather fun. That is why the Furious Photographers are offering three free “Trash The Dress” sessions for 2008! *Couples are subject to screening.

Just go to our contact page and drop a line saying that you are interested in a "Trash The Dress" session. Please include a link(s) of pictures of yourself in your dress and the location at which you would like to conduct your TTD session. Destination "Trash The Dress" sessions are permitted.

Please spread the word to your family and friends!

Kindest regards from your Los Angeles wedding photographer,



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