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Spice up your wedding, give your guests some fun activities, and also something for them to take home as a memory with our photo booth!  We have a variety of photo booth to cater for any type of wedding.  We have from the traditional enclosed photo booth, to an open-air photo booth with a huge balloon backdrop, to Instagram!  We keep things traditional and of course have nerd out with Instagram social media for our photo booths!  Our goal is to keep things fun, entertaining, and memorable for all our wedding guests!

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  • Traditional Photo Booth

    For those who want to keep things traditional, we have a nicely enclosed photo booth for all your guests to have fun at your wedding!  It comes with a huge 27″ display inside, touch screen, and fully colored for everyone’s enjoyment.  Take your best poses, use all our props to spice things up, and get your photos printed instantly!

  • Open Air Photo Booth

    Our most popular style of photo booths at weddings and events!  We have a fully touch screen 27″ monitor with studio lighting for amazing photos for your guests.  This concept is similar to the traditional photo booths, but with a huge inflatable backdrop to fit more people in the photos!  You know what they say,”more the merrier” and it stands corrected with this photo booth style!

  • Instagram Photo Booth

    With the on going social media surge to record your memories, we too love to share those memories with you!  Have an unique hashtag (#) for your wedding and our Instagram photo booth can print out your photos in an instant!  It is a great alternative for your guests to print whatever photos they would like from your wedding through their phones!

Photo Booths Based in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Based Wedding Photo Booth but Travels

Even though we are based in Los Angeles, we make frequent trips all around the neighboring counties including Orange County!  Name a place and we will be there!

Let Loose and Be Creative

Experience Fun to New Heights!

There is something nostalgic about photo booths.  photo booths have been around since we were all kids and we all had the opportunity to have fun in an enclosed room.  Now as we are older, why not relive a bit of that childhood experience, but with more friends and a bunch of props.  Let your inner child out again at weddings at have a bit of fun!

Be Creative and Be Yourself

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Relive your Childhood at each Wedding

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Simply Sweet Wedding Photo Booths

Hilarious Pictures | Hilarious Memories

Something about a photo booth at weddings can get your guests to loosen up and have a bit of fun!  There is a bountiful of props for all your wedding guests to spice up their photos to be as creative and hilarious as possible!  We will run the booth for 4+ hours at each wedding, so there is plenty of time for everyone to have lots of turns and create the most memorable of nights!

Experience is What Counts

Dive into the Experience!

With a staff of happy photographers, we strive to make every wedding photo booth experience a great one.  Let loose, be happy, grab some glasses, wear a wig, and let us handle the rest!  Take your best shot at the camera and get your experience printed instantly.

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