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From the streets of Los Angeles to train jumping at destination weddings in New York, Furious Photographers love what we do – photograph priceless moments and mingle in lively weddings! We believe that each wedding gives us the opportunity to record and present their important milestone in an artistic manner. That alone is rewarding enough for us as wedding photographers. The best part about our profession as international wedding photographers is that every wedding is a happy event! All we have to do is wait for the right moment and capture each and every smile, laughter, and tear. Please check out a small handful wedding photographs from our many crazy wedding adventures from local weddings at our hometown of Los Angeles and Orange County to as far as Japan!

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Los Angeles (LA) is our beloved home town and of all the beautiful wedding locations that we have photographed across the word, I suppose our hearts still remain here. To photograph a wedding here in Los Angeles is always fun since we know the ins and outs of almost every hidden gem in the city. Best of all, there are always unexpected surprises and locations Los Angeles has to offer in each of the weddings we have photographed in the past.


From the rolling hills to the cool breeze that comes in from Orange County, this county is definitely a iconic place for any types of weddings. The locations that Orange County has to offer for weddings and photography opportunities are what makes magazine covers! Enjoy the quick photo gallery from our neighboring county.


Photographing weddings outside of our home court of Los Angeles ILA) and Orange County (OC) and stretching out our legs is a real treat. We have photographed weddings from the beaches of Cancun, MX to far off lands of Japan! Of course, we cruised from the Bay in San Francisco, San Jose, Big Sur, and San Diego to the other side of the coast in New York! Wedding photography outside our beloved home town offers a different atmosphere in our photos.


What better way to kick start a relationship with your wedding photographers is to start off with your engagement photography session. Aside from taking amazing engagement photos from various locations of your choices, it also offers a good time to bond with your wedding photographer, so on the day of the wedding everything will come out swimmingly. Engagement photography sessions is a photo opportunity for creativity and imagination without the stress of a time frame.

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The wedding and engagement photo gallery above just scratches the surface of our unique and creative style in every event. Definitely browse through the rest of our wedding photography site for more details of each event!

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