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A little description about us


We have over a decade of photography experience in fashion, photojournalism, commercial, event, and wedding photography. We combine each category to develop our own photography style to stand out from the sea of other wedding photographers.

Furious Photographers is a group of skilled photographers that covers Los Angeles, Orange County, and all destination wedding photography. We covered locations such as Cancun, San Francisco, New York, and Japan. Of all the photography events that we have done in our career, we believe that wedding photography is the most challenging due to unexpected conditions, it is the most rewarding of all. To be able to photograph something as important as two people’s milestone is priceless.

In any wedding photography event, we are always prepared for any circumstances by packing backup gear and have lighting for any condition. We have photographed weddings in conditions as bright as a beach and photographed weddings in places as dark as a national forest. The pressure as wedding photographers is extremely high since at the end of a wedding, all our couples have left to reminiscence about their day are their wedding photographs.

In this case, Furious Photographers always work as a two to three person photography team in order to cover all angles and also back up files along the way. At the end of each wedding, we have multiple backup drives to store and safely secure everyone’s wedding photographs. To follow our adventures, please see our wedding photography blog and our Instagram.


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Furious Photographers strive to have every wedding photography experience to be enjoyable and a bit of an edgy experience for all our wedding couples. After all, in anyone’s wedding, everyone is expected to let loose and celebrate!

Furious Photographers is the home for various excellent Los Angeles and Orange County and destination wedding photographers. Whether your tastes lean toward photojournalistic, conventional, contemporary wedding photography, or anything in between, Furious Photographers’ staff serves up limitless possibilities. Doug combines both creativity and photojournalism to tastefully record memories on paper.